World Class Recording & Mixing Studio
Odds On is now Audio Mix House. We are a multi-million dollar world class recording/mixing studio located right off the Las Vegas Strip and just a few minutes from the  McCarren Airport. We are a full service facility with private parking, lounges, along with  staff of engineers, technicians,and runners to help meet all of your recording needs. While we've hosted many  major labels and recording artists our doors are always open to the indie music scene.
The spacious tracking room is 38’ x 22’ with an 96 input SSL Duality Console( The largest Duality in North America), plus a stone drum room, a super soft booth, and an intimate vocal space as well. The large mixing room features an SSL XL-9080K console and large overdub booth. All studios include Pro Tools HD, an amazing array of new and vintage outboard gear as well as an extensive vintage microphone collection. The small studio for writing, overdubs, and editing features an SSL Matrix console and SSL X-Logic outboard gear.

Recent Clients

Lady Gaga
Celine Dion
Wayne Newton
Donny Osmond
Holly Madison
Josh Strickland
Emerson Drive
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